Spiderbrain 818

Leticia Jimenez, also known as Spiderbrain on Instagram, is an 18 year old photographer from the San Fernando Valley. Capturing her models with a strong, modern, and sometimes dark energy, Leticia has been quickly gaining the attention of the masses.

Coin & The Aces @ Paradise Rock Club

Two dreamy indie pop bands both captured in dreamy photographs that make you wish you could have felt it all for yourself. But if you're like me, (Kyla) and couldn't make it to the show (probably because I live across the country), these killer photographs will have to do!

Triathalon, Inner Wave, & L. Martin @ San Diego HOB

A few days back Triathalon, Inner Wave, and L. Martin played a sold out show at the San Diego House of Blues enrapturing the entire crowd with their sets. Keep reading to see a photo gallery from the show to get a sense of euphoria they brought onto the stage! 

Hot Flash Heat Wave Runs Deep

It’s a Saturday night at the House of Blues in beautiful Downtown San Diego, as I had the chance to talk to a couple of band members from the San Fran rock band, Hot Flash Heat Wave. I quickly gathered that this group clearly has some kind of dynamic as one, must be because of the fact that the whole crew is a pack of Aries. “We’re allergic to boredom”, they say as they try to explain their creativity.