Something Worth Being Remembered

Whether you want to be forever remembered as a famous figure, or simply want to live on through the hearts of loved ones, everybody wants to leave something for the world to remember them by.

Film is Not Dead – An Interview with Leighton Hoey

Leighton Hoey is personally one of my favorite photographers documenting the music scene currently. Her photos always seem to be taken at the exact perfect moment, the energy of the night forever captured on film. If you've ever been in the belly of a mosh pit trying to get a good shot, you know it's pretty much mission impossible. We talked with Leighton about how she first got into photography, touring with Faze Wave, and her tips for concert photography + a gallery of her favorite shots she's taken!

Break From Reality

It’s just part of life, living in San Diego. You see it on your way to school, or on your way home. Growing up here, the ocean is just an aspect of your life. Whether you're just watching it having your morning coffee, fishing, or surfing in it, its always there.

Our Constant Disregard for the Environment

We live in a world where every materialistic thing we love is derived from the environment. Yet, somewhere along the lines, we forgot to share that love with our environment.