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Leticia Jimenez, also known as Spiderbrain on Instagram, is an 18 year old photographer from the San Fernando Valley. Capturing her models with a strong, modern, and sometimes dark energy, Leticia has been quickly gaining the attention of the masses. Still a teenager, her hard work and dedication to photography is ever present in every image she takes. The first time I stumbled across her account I was completely awe-struck at the array of brooding and colorful photographs displayed across my screen, and knew in that moment that it wouldn’t be long until we saw this girl photographing some of the biggest names today.

“I’ve always had a deep love and curiosity for cinema and photography. I started taking photos January of last year at local valley shows, and from there I as an artist started growing. I stopped taking photos at shows and started focusing on the individuals who make up the scenes, and through that I started meeting and collaborating with a lot of young creates that inspire me.

I feel like there is such a beautiful connection with the model and photographer through the lens. I’ve never felt this much love for something; it’s amazing. I will not stop taking photos. 

I can’t really describe my style, I just know when I’m with the model I absorb their energy and try to translate that in the picture, then with my editing I make it my own. It’s a very collaborative process.”

IMG_1045spiderbrainIMG_1047Processed with MOLDIVIMG_1085IMG_1087IMG_1086IMG_1091IMG_1048IMG_1050IMG_1054IMG_1052IMG_1053spiderbrain2IMG_1090IMG_1088IMG_1089IMG_1049IMG_1051IMG_1046

Photography by Leticia Jimenez

Passage by Kyla Rain


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