Hot Flash Heat Wave Runs Deep

It’s a Saturday night at the House of Blues in beautiful Downtown San Diego, as I had the chance to talk to a couple of band members from the San Fran rock band, Hot Flash Heat Wave. I quickly gathered that this group clearly has some kind of dynamic as one, must be because of the fact that the whole crew is a pack of Aries. “We’re allergic to boredom”, they say as they try to explain their creativity.

Men I Trust @ Baby’s All Right

Men I Trust was genuine and captivating with their performance, keeping the audience relaxed and dancing throughout the night with their relaxed but groovy music.

It’s a Penniback Tour!

This rag-tag team of rockers took to their vans and headed out to Texas for SXSW, where they did a handful of unofficial showcases to spread the word about the label and it's killer musicians. Seven bands, one Airbnb, and several nights captured on film.

Triple Shot -An Interview with Espresso

From song to stage, the LA based band, 'Espresso,' is exciting crowds with their uniquely amped-up and charismatic music. They play with absolute exhilaration that translates into their self-described “spunk” sound. Give them a listen and read on to learn about their music recommendations and occasional table building.