Of Ennui on Latest Release: Tone Poems

I recently sat down with Brian Strauss and Christian Cate of the San Diego local band Of Ennui to talk about their latest release, Tone Poems.  If you're a fan of heavy, melodic, atmospheric, moody shoegaze jams then this band is for you. Keep reading for photos and interview.

“Easy Love” – An Interview with Justine Brown

Growing up in Riverside, California, Brown has been playing music since her childhood alongside her sister, Chelsea Brown, and plays in several bands including Winter and Summer Twins. It wasn't until she created Easy Love where she could tell her own stories to the soundtrack of guitar riffs inspired by 90s rock music.

Hovvdy- Cranberry Album Review

Hovvdy, the "pillow core" band based out of Austin, Texas, recently released their new album 'Cranberry'. The band consisting of members Charlie Martin and Will Taylor released their first EP in 2014 and since then have continued to record and release music. With hints of 1960s folk and indie rock inspired sounds, you can't help but feel as though you are drifting away on a cloud of nostalgia.


The Regrettes: a (mostly) girl punk band from Los Angeles California that have been taking over the local scene as we know it. Carrying their modern day “riot grrrl” persona, the group consists of lead singer and guitarist, Lydia Night, bassist Sage Chavis, guitarist Genessa Gariano, and drummer Maxx Morando.